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Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Finished!

2007-10-01 11:13:20 by DJStatika

Finally, I decided it was good enough and put it live on its own site: http://www.disputedgalaxy.com/

Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy is a free roaming, action packed, top down, space RPG. Either playing for Humans or Aliens, battle your way up the ranks by doing various types of missions, buying and upgrading ships, buying and installing a large range of weapons and utilities, creating gangs, mining asteroids, and also fighting against real people from around the world in the multiplayer sectors. There is a large galaxy to explore, divided int 400 sectors containing space stations, planets, black holes, worm holes and more.

A few bugs have already revealed themselves, so I am not going to put it on NG just yet until I am sure there are no major bugs still there. It will come to NG and a load other sites at some point though, fear not! Until then: http://www.disputedgalaxy.com/

Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Finished!


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2007-10-01 11:17:52

Looks cool, i've always been a fan from the multiplayer Quadrant wars, so i'll definitely give this a try.


2007-10-28 06:48:16

Ben, you are TEH MAN!!! - Darth Sirov/AS2_16


2007-11-11 03:40:01

That game is AWESOME,just 1 thing,can you make the lagging stop in multi-sectors,its really annoying,and i have a fast Computer and its on low detail,so make the lagging stop please...


2007-11-13 23:47:07

We need more awesome NG multiplayer games...



2008-01-08 13:35:22

can i be a beta tester?


2008-01-27 18:34:11

Now this game has come to NG.

But i wonder. is this a final version, or are you gona update it with some changes now and then? I hear people complaining about the full reset for running out on lives, and they also want to make money transfers with each other.

Is there updating in progress?


2008-02-05 00:51:00

This Game Is Really Sweet I Cant Stop Playing It.Its Got A Very Interesting Game System:Ranking Up And You Are Awarded With A New Ship That Keeps Me Playing.Thank You Very Much For This Game :)


2008-02-05 16:21:53

hi, dude, if you ever have a new game you arent sure about, email it to me for beta testing...i'll give my input about it before you release it on here or wherever else you put it.

everybody's friend, Alex


2008-02-15 16:45:16

yo man, can u add some more features like u can be merc for exaple( if and only if you do make this option make sure there is a minimum of 2000 paid to the merc)if ur haveing a hard time cuz another player is singling u out u can hire a merc


2008-05-13 17:28:44

Any new big projects coming? I've played this game, if you're not an RPG person it can seem pretty boring at times. It's very time consuming. I like it.


2008-05-21 21:56:28

This game has been a great coming from Quadrant Wars. The single player aspect of it is very fun.


2008-05-27 15:45:01



2008-06-10 22:01:09

i got this error when i went to your site(HTTP/1.1 New Session Failed) , i also couldnt log on to the server of your newgrounds game


2008-06-12 22:11:44

Yes great game but why cant i play multiplayer nor chat? i herd its the flash media player and it effects the flash media player 10? (flash 10 isnt completed yet its still in beta)


2008-06-14 15:14:56

Warlords 2? Achilles 2? Please.


2008-07-20 20:09:16

thers somthing rong with the game evry the chat never works i go to multiplayer sectors and other one and it never works i got a lot of kills and im above lutenent now and it get boring tring to get 200 kills with no one to talk to so plz fix. but any way all in all it a fantastic game


2008-07-23 10:03:30

yo ben i loved the game but why dose it not work here on ng .i just want to kno S.W.A.T.


2008-08-08 20:52:26

I don't typically request a sequel and whatnot, but this game has so much potential. If you based an expansion to this further into the future, you could have full-on PvP skirmishes, with large battleships acting as respawn points and critical parts to the game. In a skirmish, the enemy team attempts to destroy your team's battleship in order to take control of that sector.

PM me if you need any ideas, I've got loads.

By the way, your site and your game is down.


2008-08-09 01:52:00

ummm.... The reason that its not working right now is maybe me.I submitted a bug.


2008-08-10 12:39:21

No worries. Ben fixed it up.


2008-12-19 23:01:39

it dosnt seem right that when you loose all your lives you have to START ALL OVER FROM 0 KILLS, why not from the nerest space station(not sub station)


2009-02-17 11:02:04

i played itand its a kick ass game


2009-05-29 19:39:12

hey ben umm what's going on? i mean like in less then a week the game, Starfight: Disputed Galaxy has been hacked. i don't mind restarting my profile and all but do you at least have a clue who is doing this?


2009-06-26 00:09:49

I really like your work, esp the achilies. & the warlord & Dragon fist series's


2009-09-06 22:58:49

This is an awesome game. you should make a new one that's not as easily hacked so u can use multiplayer again


2009-12-31 22:40:10

hi dj statika my name is heinrich, this is a awesome game ! gratulation felicidades !
in my 30 years of expirience to play games lot of diferent games i never played a game like this very intelligent, wow ! this game is my Favorite from all this wonderfull blue earth ! thank you ben olding also gracias grazie oblegado tanka danke merci

if i learn from somebody how to make games so i will make my own game free for all the world and it will be very seemed to this Disputed Galaxie. Great Work Friends ! ITS ARTISTIC 100 % to make perfect excellents Games like this one today is the last day in this year 2009 so I wish you all a Happy New Year 2010 Hch.Duschletta


2010-09-07 19:19:12

Do you ever plan to make a sequel to crunchball 3000?


2010-09-07 19:20:45

Please if you tdo plan to make a sequel I would be a beta tester. Contact me if you have any plans.


2011-08-25 20:17:14

Shouldnt ya change be changin yo Entires?

its been like this for a looooong while now :)


2011-09-16 13:35:39

WHY...WHY...WHYYYYY the site failed meh its just a search engine i played the old one yet its hates meh WHY BEN WHYYYYYYYY pm meh the site for teh game ANYONE PLEASE


2011-10-05 07:35:07

yeah whatnoobkiller10 said (including the "someone PM me a link for the working site please")


2012-04-29 15:49:16

D: the site FAILED Ben, it failed!!!!! i cant even find out what to click or...or...where to go idk, its confusing and random. like noobkiller10 said it is a search engine, and not even for dg!! D:


2012-04-29 15:49:49

PLEASE fix it!!!!!!!!!! D: D: D: D: D: D: D:


2012-07-12 04:40:05

People, that is the "Right site" it's been 3/4/5 years since he posted this, he probably had to shut it down, because he was "bankrupt", sadly don't expect to see any part of this game other than that screenshot :(


2013-01-15 17:00:34

Dude fix your game so we can be Online with others.


2014-01-22 15:12:56

Some nostalgia for this game whenever I hear similar music. Wish it was still around.

DJStatika responds:

Make sure you follow progress on the new one here: https://www.facebook.com/StarfighterInfinity


2014-08-31 20:25:25

DUDE! Why did you get rid of Disputed Galaxy?!?! No one can even play it now! That was the funnest space game I've ever played. :(


2014-09-18 22:03:00

You realize making a game like that and creating a private self-efficient server is free and legal right? You can make everything for free if you know how to make self-servers.


2014-10-03 12:36:10

Would you make a warlords heroes 2?
please i love the gameplay where you control your own character on an epic quest. and the gladiator mode is just eye candy. really feels like you met your match!

DJStatika responds:

I would love to make a sequel, its just finding the time. Hopefully I will do eventually


2014-10-04 00:42:36

hope the best of that sequel to come ;)


2015-09-26 01:11:28

Whenever you get your SF:I game done, I hope I'll be able to beta Test it. Just to help out.


2016-05-29 21:54:20

I can't believe i have been waiting for almost 10 years for the sequel.


2017-08-23 17:18:54

Links are dead.