Finally, I decided it was good enough and put it live on its own site:

Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy is a free roaming, action packed, top down, space RPG. Either playing for Humans or Aliens, battle your way up the ranks by doing various types of missions, buying and upgrading ships, buying and installing a large range of weapons and utilities, creating gangs, mining asteroids, and also fighting against real people from around the world in the multiplayer sectors. There is a large galaxy to explore, divided int 400 sectors containing space stations, planets, black holes, worm holes and more.

A few bugs have already revealed themselves, so I am not going to put it on NG just yet until I am sure there are no major bugs still there. It will come to NG and a load other sites at some point though, fear not! Until then:

Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Finished!

My new game is nearly ready. Its a space shooter based on Starfighter and Quadrant Wars, which has single and multiplayer elements, and is a bit more of a free roaming rpg.

I am allowing some people to beta test, so if you would like to help test it, send me a pm and I will consider it!